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This is for anyone who has ever been called/would consider themselves a film snob.

If you are a fan of great dialogue, subtext, cinematography, character development, intelligent and thought-provoking stories, all the stuff Hollywood often leaves out, then this community might be right for you.

This is a good place to praise the obscure films you think everyone should know about, get recommendations for your next outing to the cinema/video store, post interesting URL's, or to answer those nitpicky film questions that have had you stumped. Basically anything that might excel the group's film geekery quotient.

The more opinionated, the better (but be prepared to defend those opinions).

Posting Guidelines

1. First and foremost, put a little thought into what you post. Taking time to compose a paragraph or two on why you liked or disliked a particular film will create better discussions than posting a list of your favorites or asking "hey, what's your opinion on movie x?"

2. Be respectful. There are a lot of opinions here and we've all moved past a third grade mentality (I hope), so name-calling, insulting peoples' tastes, and other needlessly rude behavior is not welcome.

3. Try to keep it relevant. This community is geared around movies themseles, not what we eat while we watch them, what cable channel they are going to be on (that is what TV Guide is for), or why we are sick of a particular movie being discussed ad nauseum in the forum.

4. Discussions of blockbusters are not going to be looked down on (provided you have something worthwhile to say about them), but let's keep in mind the title of the community. Everyone knows about the blockbusters. Not everyone might know about that independent film you saw last week.

5. If you are having trouble with somebody in the community, because of an inappropriate response to something you wrote, please send me an email off-list (damiella@yahoo.com) and I will try to resolve it. With over 1,000 members, it's nearly impossible for me to read every comment to every post.

6. Use LJ-cut! If you are writing something extensive, please be mindful of the space it will take up on Friends Lists.

7. Spoiler warnings. Use them (preferably behind an LJ-cut) or the post gets deleted.

8. Whenever possible, please include the film title in the subject. This will make it easier for individuals to search the archives.

That's it! Now go watch some movies. And then tell us about them.

(created and sorta monitored by damiella)

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