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Visual Communication Proved to be the best thing since sliced bread and videos has best of both worl [20 Jan 2015|12:59pm]

After spending long office hours It's a time to take a break now and I prefer to enjoy holidays in my home country. Trust me on this, a journey being a transnational can't offer you nothing but a tiresome affair. This time luck favored me and I got to manage something very exciting. Do you have any guess? It was merely a magazine which has a cover page saying " This magazine has enriched with telepathic machine, Beware! before you judge it".
This was something unique which raise my curiosity and I can't prevent myself to flip it ahead. The moment I started reading I found it a very ordinary kind of sales oriented textbook. I had almost decided to end-up with this session but suddenly I observed an image of a pregnant lady. And It had a banner beneath this picture quoted as "What precaution one must take during pregnancy?". Now this was a great appeal which bounded me in an emotional thread. I could then instantaneously re-connect myself to the existing condition of expecting wife. I knew the sole purpose of this magazine was to zoom the sales of a company but when you take care of your love one' you always lend your ear to such informative articles. if you buy my words, I ended up with this magazine and didn't even know that flight was about to land.
I tell you why I could have done this : The company was promoting about their products with every next image. For instance , What supplement a woman must take during pregnancy and what has to be avoided. Even how would you plan a journey of your future baby? What are advisable nutrients you must follow for you and your baby. what clothes has to be wear for protecting the soft skin of baby ?There were n numbers of free advises and every single piece of advice had been depicted with a particular brand.
Moreover the branding was that much connected with the story which won't let you forget so easily. The story was in its best hierarchical order and weaved well with a life of common man. By going an extra mile they didn't forget to mention hashtags, social media channels and appropriate links to YouTube videos and relevant website. I thought if the textual advertisement is so impressive then what could be the beauty of video. believe you me ! I was super excited about clicking that video. Since you aren't allowed to access your gadgets while flying, I literally began countdown for flight to be landed as soon as possible. Finally time has arrived and people started taking -off seatbelt and eyeing on their belongings. But I was much uptight about accessing the internet to watch that video. The moment I clicked over the video drove me crazy as it was 1000 times more informative and entertaining.
The phenomenon of marketing has changed its way and nobody wants to carry the burden of past trends. The formula is simple "if you are not on top chart, that means your method of communication needs a direction". It is needless to say that esteemed recognition of videos has broken all the traditions. It is whole nine yard of 21st century. Therefore it's time for you to kick into the higher gear to become a leader in the market.

Copyright: Studio52 @ 2015 All Rights Reserved
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Video Communication is the mother of advertisement And Remember Mother is the best care taker ever ! [20 Jan 2015|12:57pm]

Yesterday I woke up midnight and thought what happened to the world. It keeps changing the trend even when you aren't awake. I peeped into my facebook and twitter account and what I saw had made me surprised. According to a post a single video has the capability to engage 120% more viewers than any other mode of advertisement. This incident helped me to recall my old days of school when my mentor used to say that people with right-brain tend to be more creative in order to respond  visual stimulation viz. imagery and color. On the contrary left brainers are comparatively more analytical and passionate about numbers and language. And a scientific report suggests that there are more right brains in the world than left. If we believe in a statistics revealed by an authentic research firm that 98% marketers trust what they see in a video and this eventually converts them as a genuine buyer of that particular product. This is the reason why people have tendency to be more inclined towards visual communication.

Since online video is the ultimate incarnation of visual content, these statistics undoubtedly bode well for the growth of video marketing in near future. According to a recent report published by International advertisement association (IAA) in 2014 an average viewer enjoyed 2,234 minutes of online video alone and 95% users had been reported to forward and share videos in several social media stations.

Friends ! Everyone of us must have seen movie, TV serial at least once in their life. There is always a lead character that often injected with qualities which public desire to see. In a similar way, successful marketers know to unlock the barriers by connecting the thoughts of a common man into advertisement strategy. Understanding what is funny and what's not , what's on trending and what's out of fashion has become more important aspect nowadays. Producing a video could be a simple task but presenting a video asks for a lot of planning and hard toiled research. A good quality video contains a bunch of comic content, animated techniques, community engagement, a sort but quick responding.

Marketers often do a mistake by using detached and irrelevant videos into their strategy. Top brand in the market do nothing special but follow the guidance of experts and present videos differently. Here at Studio 52 we not only produce a video but decorate it with delicious ingredients of sentiments & realism which let your viewers never go off.

Copyright @ Studio 52 Media_2015. All Rights Reserved.
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Construction Progress Videos : Produced for WDI Rig down [20 Jan 2015|12:55pm]

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Construction Progress Video for Momentum by Studio 52 [20 Jan 2015|12:49pm]

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Capturing all your Memories into one small bottle : Timelapse Videos by Studio52 [19 Jan 2015|04:47pm]

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A Promotional Video by Studio 52 Media for SRL [19 Jan 2015|02:34pm]

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Exhibition Video filmed by Studio 52 Media [19 Jan 2015|02:23pm]

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Event Video from Studio 52 Media [19 Jan 2015|02:20pm]

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Video- Al shoumoukh Arabic [19 Jan 2015|02:15pm]

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Promotional Video by Studio 52 [19 Jan 2015|02:09pm]

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Studio 52-Credentials [19 Jan 2015|02:05pm]

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Studio 52-Credentials [19 Jan 2015|02:03pm]

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Communication Gap Restructured by Audio-Video engineering [19 Jan 2015|02:01pm]

There is always an imagination behind any invention. And most importantly invention occurs when there is a need. Human brain is very complex and above all the supercomputers. Every brain has a different behavior towards adapting new things. It was an era of 90's when people realized the power of media. After long and hard toiled research a fact came in light that the brain of human functions like a fire and catches those things easily which it come across in a virtual form. Some Intelligent Marketers easily understood this thing and started playing with the psychology of people for their own benefit. Since this idea wasn't viral quickly, those marketers became business tycoon overnight. What was the secret ? Are you still wondered ? Come On ! Wake up and smell the coffee !

It's all about habit and learning. People easily remember those things which they perceive through an image rather than bookish information. Now this is where your job fits into the role. When an image alone hits your target audience then why not choose a video which has a proven mammoth impact over a mass. Being a business owner, who doesn't want to reap the benefits and even when a Media Consultant like Studio 52 is available in your service 24*7. We treat our client as a queen and committed to brought them best ever . Our factory has everything that you need to skyrocket your venture. We hold an unique umbrella of media related services. A shop where quality is assured and success is 100 % guaranteed.

Studio 52 never pretends to boast itself as No. 1 company but humbly asks you to have a glimpse of our past records. From audio to video and from script writing to launching a customized movie we do it all for you. Since 1977 We have long list of more than 2000+ satisfied clients who also became our admirer and story teller in the entire market of GCC.

Studio 52 is being a company has a supervision to deliver media products at its best & simplest but most advanced & informative form. We aspire to contribute into the growth of media industry in a manner where a common man can also have an easy access for media services. Production of high quality videos and maintaining ethical standards would be our chief objective. Moreover we also want to full fill the communication gap among individuals, society, states and countries with our transparent, accurate and authentic media productions in order to avoid any mishap.
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The Maggie Smith Constellation [08 Mar 2012|07:28am]


I was lucky enough to catch Capturing Mary on cable, a BBC movie made in 2007. The lead is a writer who, in her seventies, goes back to the (now empty) mansion where 40 odd years ago something changed forever her way of viewing life. As she tells the story to the caretaker, the scenes she brings back from the past come to life. At the end, she goes to a park, sits on a bench, cries the hell out, becomes very still and, without a word, "talks" to the camera with unbelievable eloquence. Not exactly the kind of thing any actress can handle. That must have been why they decided not to cast an actress. They cast a monster, a sacred one. A mythical creature, like those of the legends of old, that ended up having a constellation named after them. They cast Maggie Smith.

Maggie Smith is one of the four or five women in the entire history of films who made it crystal clear that, just like saints and poets, some actors are destined to help whoever is journeying to the light not to go astray.
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Oscars? Bah... [25 Jan 2012|01:07pm]

By now it has become an accomplished fact that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a problem with Leonardo DiCaprio. Freakish as it may sound, along the years it became notorious that the Academy does have a problem with certain people. Surely, they had a problem with Richard Burton. And with Peter O'Toole, when he was at the top. And with some directors, like Hitchcock (of all people!) It's very odd, but it's the way it is.

DiCaprio's performance (at age eighteen) in What's Eating Gilbert Grape was not one of the best by a supporting actor in 1993. It was one of the greatest performances by any actor in the entire history of films. As simple as that. The fact that it didn't make him go home with the best supporting actor Oscar will remain forever one of the freakiest episodes involving the Academy Awards. Since then, he has been nominated for this and that, but never won. In 2008 he was seen in Revolutionary Road, as Kate Winslet's husband. They were both exceptionally good. His performance in particular represents the very best of the great American tradition in acting. The fact that it didn't get him even a nomination means that the Academy is not what it claims to be. More likely, it's an odd organization run by people who either don't know the first thing about films and the people who make them, or quite simply don't care. In any case, it's not to be taken seriously.

They have just announced this year's nominations. Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar was left out. I happen to be an actor myself. The year 2012 marks the 40th anniversary (in September) of the first time I went out there on the stage and did what actors do. Since then I've done quite a few things, mostly on the stage, sometimes on TV, seldom (alas) in films. I don't think I can be accused of boasting if I say that I know two or three things about acting. Just enough for me to be able to say that Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of J. Edgar Hoover having been left out of the best actor's list of nominees is an appalling act of contempt for the fact that acting is an art. It's a slap on the face of actors all over the world.

I really don't know if I missed something. Did DiCaprio ever say or do anything that the Academy took badly to the point of openly ostracizing him in such a massive way?

Well, what's done cannot be undone and that's the way it is with them. By having his amazing talent overlooked by the Academy, Leonardo DiCaprio will have to keep company with other minor performers who, according to whoever decides these things, may have been good enough to satisfy their undiscriminate fans, but certainly not to go home with an Oscar in their hands. People like Charles Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Orson Welles, Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Liv Ullmann, Max Von Sydow (unless he finally wins this year!!), Marcello Mastroianni, Claude Rains (who didn't win even for his fabulous Captain Renault in Casablanca), Jean Arthur, Thelma Ritter, Dirk Bogarde, Lynn Redgrave, Giulietta Masina, Myrna Loy ...

I don't know. It seems to me that the list of actors who never won the Oscar is more impressive than the list of the ones who did.

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Соскучились по азиатским хоррорам? Да еще и с леденящими душу 3D-эффектами? 4 августа "Кино без границ" выпускает продолжение культовой франшизы "Глаз" от братьев Пан, создателей "Опасного Бангкока".

Группа путешественников из Гонконга в составе 6 человек оказывается запертой в аэропорту Бангкока во время антиправительственного протеста в ноябре 2008-го года. Трое из группы исчезают таинственным и необъяснимым образом, а остальным предстоит столкнуться со сверхъественными силами.

Посмотри в глаза зла - в 3D!
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Внимание киноманов и фанатов корейского жанрового кино. Аттракцион неслыханной жестокости от признанных мастеров на большом экране, ТАКОЕ ПРОПУСКАТЬ НЕЛЬЗЯ КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ, ПОТОМУ ЧТО БОЛЬШЕ ТАКОГО МОЖЕТ И НЕ БЫТЬ НИКОГДА. Компания "Кино без границ" 14 июля выпускает в кинотеатры беспощаднейший триллер "Я ВИДЕЛ ДЬЯВОЛА", не говорите потом, что вас не предупреждали. ЭТОТ ФИЛЬМ ВЫ ЗАБУДЕТЕ ОЙ КАК НЕ СКОРО!

“Кто сражается с чудовищами, тому следует остерегаться, чтобы самому при этом не стать чудовищем. 
И если ты долго смотришь в бездну, то бездна тоже смотрит в тебя.”

-Фридрих Ницше


Я ВИДЕЛ ДЬЯВОЛА – это шокирующее жестокий и потрясающе законченный рассказ об убийстве и мести от корейского жанрового мастера Ким Чжи Уна (Хороший, плохой, долбанутый» и «Горечь и сладость»). Чвэ Мин Сик («Олдбой») играет опасного психопата, который убивает ради удовольствия. Настоящее воплощение чистого зла, он совершил серию ужасных и бессмысленнно жестоких убийств, и успешно избежал поимки полицией.

Морозной снежной ночью последней его жертвой стала красавица Чжу-ён, дочь вышедшего на пенсию начальника полиции и беременная невеста специального агента элитного отряда Су Хёна (Ли Бён Хон, «Хороший, плохой, долбанутый»). Су Хён, зациклившийся на мести, решает выследить убийцу, даже если это означает, что он сам превратится в монстра. 

Грани между добром и злом стираются в этой дьявольски запутанной игре в кошки-мышки. Ким Чжи Ун, раскрывший тему мести до самых крайних границ, великолепно переступает жанры фильмов о полицейских и серийных убийцах, придавая им удивительные и удивляющие новые краски. 



"Я ВИДЕЛ ДЬЯВОЛА" – ЭТО ШЕДЕВР В СВОЕМ ЖАНРЕ. Роскошная актерская игра, режиссура, фильм великолепно снят и сочинен. Вы не скоро забудете его"-В.А. Мусетто, NY Post

"Цикл ударов и контратак превращается в самые напряженные по эмоциям поединки, которые я могу припомнить. Это блестяще исполненный кошмар на целлулоиде." -Star Tribune

"9 из 10. Это просто ошеломляюще. Хладнокровный, уверенный в себе, и порой поразительно прекрасный фильм."-Джереми Керк,  Firstshowing.net

"Решительный взгляд в самое сердце чистейшего зла и выбивающееся из норм жанровое развлечение в полном смысле этого слова. Так далеко в сферу пульсирующего хаоса триллеры о серийных убийцах еще не заходили. Фанаты жестких азиатских боевиков и хорроров съедят это за один присест и попросят добавки". -Роб Нельсон, Variety

"ВОЗВЫШЕННОЕ НАСИЛИЕ. Режиссер Ким держит всецело под своим контролем флуктуирующие настроения фильма и впечатляющие эпизоды".-Жанетт Кацулис, NY Times

"КРОВАВО И СМЕЛО. Фильм выделяется тем, что в нем таятся настоящие эмоции" -Марк Олсен, LA Times


СОВЕРШЕННО ИЗУМИТЕЛЬНО. Потрясающе жестокий и  сногсшибательно выполненный, фильм выходит далеко за рамки полицейской процедуры и раздвигает границы экстремального азиатского кинематографа, 

да так, что фанаты жанра будут удивлены".-Mr. Disgusting, BloodyDisgusting.com

"ВОТ УЖ ФАНТАСТИЧЕСКИ ГИПНОТИЗИРУЮЩИЙ ФИЛЬМ. «Я видел дьявола» укрепляет место Ким Чи-Вуна среди (молодых) современных мастеров. Возможно, это самая гипнотизирующая история о сериальном убийце со времен «Молчания ягнят» и это СОВЕРШЕННО ТОЧНО ОДИН ИЗ ЛУЧШИХ ТРИЛЛЕРОВ, ВИДЕННЫХ МНОЙ ЗА МНОГИЕ ГОДЫ" -Скотт Вайнберг, Fearnet

"Будь я проклят, если этот фильм не захватывает тебя с самого начала". -Ноэль Мюррей, The Onion



"Самый спорный фильм этого года из серьезных… Блестяще исполненный кошмар."-Vitamn

"НЕ СМОГУ НАЗВАТЬ ВАМ ПОСЛЕДНИЙ АМЕРИКАНСКИЙ ФИЛЬМ, ОТ КОТОРОГО Я ТАКЖЕ НАПРЯЖЕННО ЕРЗАЛ В КРЕСЛЕ, КАК ОТ «Я ВИДЕЛ ДЬЯВОЛА». От этого фильма у вас повысится адреналин и наступит осознание, что ты только что видел нечто, на что отреагировал всеми мыслимыми чувствами."-Маршалл Файн, Huffington Post


 Подробнее о фильме на сайте Arthouse.ru
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Постер к фильму ЧЕТЫРЕЖДЫ


В «Четырежды» нет прямых отсылок к другим фильмам. Однако я зачастую снимаю кино под влиянием великих
авторов кино. Первый, кто приходит мне на ум, это Бела Тарр; присутствие животных – ключевой момент его фильмов. По моему, «Проклятие» /
Kárhozat/ - это история человека, превратившегося в собаку. Я так же много думаю о Брессоне и
его фильме «Наудачу, Бальтазар» /
Au hasard Balthazar/. Я часто обращаюсь к этим режиссерам, чьи профессиональные истоки происходили не из киноиндустрии. Я восхищаюсь Майклом Сноу и его фильмом «Центральный регион» /La rйgion centrale/. 
Еще одно заметное влияние – Сэмюэль Беккет, который написал сценарий всего лишь  к одному фильму, короткометражке под названием «Фильм», снят он был Аланом Шнайдером в 1965-м году. Все эти фильма экспериментируют с точками зрения,
согласно которым человек не является центральной фигурой и в которых «видеть» дозволяется лишь машинам и записывающим устройствам. Я привел поистине монументальные примеры, но не хочу сравнивать себя с ними. Моя работа по своей
природе скорее ремесленная. Я не использую этих авторов в качестве интеллектуальных отсылок, но скорее обращаюсь к ним за помощью в преодолении определенных сложностей, таких, как проблема чистого листа – вопрос, относящийся не только к литературе, но так же и к архитектуре. 


Калабрия – это край, полный незапамятного очарования. В нем целые залежи древних традиций. Например, угольщики там применяют все те же методы к тем же материалам, что и издревле. Широко распространенные знания, которые там до сих пор в ходу, избежали влияния пифагорейской школы, укоренившейся у нас. Этот край научил меня смотреть на роль человека в перспективе и не зацикливаться на нем. Может ли кинематограф освободиться от догмы, что люди должны исполнять
ведущую роль?  «Четырежды» призывает нас освободиться от закосневшей точки зрения. Он побуждает зрителя отыскать невидимую связь, вдыхающую жизнь во все, что нас окружает. Фильм начинается традиционно: в центре повествования – человек. Но затем он переключает внимание
зрителя на то, что вокруг него: на объекты, которые обычно служат фоном. Человек перестает быть центром фильма и растворяется на заднем плане, а то, что до этого служило фоном, переносится на первый план, и таким образом получается приятный сюрприз: сферам животного мира, растений и минералов уделяется столько же внимания, сколько и человеку.  Я считаю, что кино – это инструмент, который больше других форм самовыражения, способен подчеркнуть связь между этими областями. Поиски этой связи превратились в целое кинематографическое приключение.  Когда я смотрю фильм, то у меня часто возникает чувство, что то, что удалось запечатлеть на пленке, заходит дальше,
чем то, что снимала камера, как будто бы эта картина была своего рода доступом к чему-то незримому.

Подробнее о фильме на сайте Arthouse.ru

Смотрите в кинотеатрах с 23 июня

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Hawk The Hunter [24 May 2011|12:02pm]

Hey everyone,

My name is George and I'm new to this site. How are you all doing?

Has anyone heard of Hawk The Hunter? It's an upcoming movie by Terry Marcel who also directed Hawk The Slayer back in 1980. It's going to be awesome! For all you fans and anybody else who's interested in finding out more about the film, visit www.hawkthehunter.com. You'll also find an exclusive interview with the man himself, Terry Marcel!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!
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Raging Bull Blu-ray DVD on sale for $12.49 @ Amazon [16 May 2011|04:32am]

This week's Blu-ray sale of the week at Amazon.com is the classic Raging Bull (Two-Disc 30th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD Combo) for $12.49. I've been waiting for the price on this to drop so I can give my son my DVD copy and finally have an HD version of my favorite De Niro film.
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