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Visual Communication Proved to be the best thing since sliced bread and videos has best of both worl

After spending long office hours It's a time to take a break now and I prefer to enjoy holidays in my home country. Trust me on this, a journey being a transnational can't offer you nothing but a tiresome affair. This time luck favored me and I got to manage something very exciting. Do you have any guess? It was merely a magazine which has a cover page saying " This magazine has enriched with telepathic machine, Beware! before you judge it".
This was something unique which raise my curiosity and I can't prevent myself to flip it ahead. The moment I started reading I found it a very ordinary kind of sales oriented textbook. I had almost decided to end-up with this session but suddenly I observed an image of a pregnant lady. And It had a banner beneath this picture quoted as "What precaution one must take during pregnancy?". Now this was a great appeal which bounded me in an emotional thread. I could then instantaneously re-connect myself to the existing condition of expecting wife. I knew the sole purpose of this magazine was to zoom the sales of a company but when you take care of your love one' you always lend your ear to such informative articles. if you buy my words, I ended up with this magazine and didn't even know that flight was about to land.
I tell you why I could have done this : The company was promoting about their products with every next image. For instance , What supplement a woman must take during pregnancy and what has to be avoided. Even how would you plan a journey of your future baby? What are advisable nutrients you must follow for you and your baby. what clothes has to be wear for protecting the soft skin of baby ?There were n numbers of free advises and every single piece of advice had been depicted with a particular brand.
Moreover the branding was that much connected with the story which won't let you forget so easily. The story was in its best hierarchical order and weaved well with a life of common man. By going an extra mile they didn't forget to mention hashtags, social media channels and appropriate links to YouTube videos and relevant website. I thought if the textual advertisement is so impressive then what could be the beauty of video. believe you me ! I was super excited about clicking that video. Since you aren't allowed to access your gadgets while flying, I literally began countdown for flight to be landed as soon as possible. Finally time has arrived and people started taking -off seatbelt and eyeing on their belongings. But I was much uptight about accessing the internet to watch that video. The moment I clicked over the video drove me crazy as it was 1000 times more informative and entertaining.
The phenomenon of marketing has changed its way and nobody wants to carry the burden of past trends. The formula is simple "if you are not on top chart, that means your method of communication needs a direction". It is needless to say that esteemed recognition of videos has broken all the traditions. It is whole nine yard of 21st century. Therefore it's time for you to kick into the higher gear to become a leader in the market.

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