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Video Communication is the mother of advertisement And Remember Mother is the best care taker ever !

Yesterday I woke up midnight and thought what happened to the world. It keeps changing the trend even when you aren't awake. I peeped into my facebook and twitter account and what I saw had made me surprised. According to a post a single video has the capability to engage 120% more viewers than any other mode of advertisement. This incident helped me to recall my old days of school when my mentor used to say that people with right-brain tend to be more creative in order to respond  visual stimulation viz. imagery and color. On the contrary left brainers are comparatively more analytical and passionate about numbers and language. And a scientific report suggests that there are more right brains in the world than left. If we believe in a statistics revealed by an authentic research firm that 98% marketers trust what they see in a video and this eventually converts them as a genuine buyer of that particular product. This is the reason why people have tendency to be more inclined towards visual communication.

Since online video is the ultimate incarnation of visual content, these statistics undoubtedly bode well for the growth of video marketing in near future. According to a recent report published by International advertisement association (IAA) in 2014 an average viewer enjoyed 2,234 minutes of online video alone and 95% users had been reported to forward and share videos in several social media stations.

Friends ! Everyone of us must have seen movie, TV serial at least once in their life. There is always a lead character that often injected with qualities which public desire to see. In a similar way, successful marketers know to unlock the barriers by connecting the thoughts of a common man into advertisement strategy. Understanding what is funny and what's not , what's on trending and what's out of fashion has become more important aspect nowadays. Producing a video could be a simple task but presenting a video asks for a lot of planning and hard toiled research. A good quality video contains a bunch of comic content, animated techniques, community engagement, a sort but quick responding.

Marketers often do a mistake by using detached and irrelevant videos into their strategy. Top brand in the market do nothing special but follow the guidance of experts and present videos differently. Here at Studio 52 we not only produce a video but decorate it with delicious ingredients of sentiments & realism which let your viewers never go off.

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